1963 Chris Craft Sea Skiff $3,700.00

Hi my name is Ray and I am the proud owner of a 24ft 1963 Chris Craft Sea Skiff witch I have owned for over 43 years Currently the boat is out of the water, covered and blocked up and the motor has been winterize.for the winter.

Over the years I have made some changers namely the front seats have been changed to Todd Captain Chairs, The motor has been changed from an 8Cyl 283 Chris Craft to an 8Cyl.

Flagship 350 cu in.Velvert Drive At the present time I have removed some of the bright work to be refinished over the winter ( Winter Project) There is no canvas top for the boat but I have a frame for it!

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 516-536-0736 or 516-650-1285 I believe the boat is in good shape, I have used it for over 43 years.

I know the price is cheap ($3500.00) but it is time to give up boating and I would like someone to take care of it as I have