1969 Chris Craft Roamer Riviera $21,500.00

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We enjoyed years of relaxation and family entertaining on this wonderful Steel Hull Roamer.

Our family used it regularly for fantastic cruising on Lake Huron with family and friends.

Then in 1995 my father decided to pull it out of the water and take on a full restoration project to polish it back to its original glory.

He planned to remodel the bunks and redesign the galley.

To begin the restoration, he constructed a restoration barn and contracted a boat mover deliver and dry-dock the boat for the restoration.

He began to carefully disassemble all of the components and store them in the barn, but was forced to stop in the early stages of the project due to some sudden family health issues.

The boat has been sitting in the barn for the last 18 years, sealed up and awaiting restoration.

But due to these family health issues, he