1991 Corsair F27 $43,000.00

F-27 Already There
Hull # 291
Owner: Jim Brown
H (808) 674-0701

Boat owned, sailed, and maintained by mechanical engineer since new.

Origin-ally on San Francisco Bay, but has been in Hawaii for last 5 years, where it has not been used.

Sailing hours on this boat are comparable to a boat 5 years younger.

Boat has always been stored on trailer with tarps in non-freezing climate.

Boat never taken offshore and never grounded.

Sails are nearly new battened roller furlers from Pineapple.

Both have full-length zippered covers for UV protection when furled.

Pin-top sail does well against square-top in both unreefed (top photo) and reefed (bottom photo) conditions.

Boat is equipped with a second main boom flange set in mast 8 inches lower than the original (both flanges remain usable).

Purpose of the lower flange is to allow the entire sail to be set 8 inches lower than stock.

This is essentially a half reef, but retains original sail shape.

Either mounting can be used, and the changeover requires no tools.

Sail has two reef points, and custom 2:1 mechanical advantage outhaul which automatically maintains leech tension and outhaul force.

Factory rig gives leech tension only, but no outhaul when reefed.

Double jib sheets with turning blocks allow permanent barber-hauler control of jib.

This rig gives precise control of sail shape when close-hauled or reaching, and eliminates need for whisker pole when running.

Jib furler with 2:1 mechanical advantage replaces factory 1:1 which required furling halyard to go around a winch.

Jib can be furled hand-over-hand, which is much faster for spinnaker sets, and leaves all four winches free for spinnaker sheets.

Symmetrical spinnaker is Doyle.

Spinnaker is like new; no tears or repairs.

Boat is rigged to gybe the spinnaker without a pole without leaving the cockpit (a huge advantage when sailing single-handed).

Pole can be used if desired.

All spinnaker handling (except set and takedown) is from the cockpit.

Spinnaker has a dowsing sleeve.

This is a relatively flat sail, and will carry in apparent wind approx 12 deg forward of abeam.

(Boat was doing 15 kts by GPS measurement in the unreefed upper photo.) Boat has been over 20 kts on several occasions under reef.

Boat sailed in San Francisco Bay, but never offshore, so no damage from big wave pounding.

Boat has two Lewmar 40s and two Lewmar 30s (all self-tailers) for winches.

Nissan 8hp O/B has remote throttle/shifter and both electric starter and alternator.

Motor starts on first turn of the key.

Extended shaft motor has 7