1996 Checkmate Pulsare 2100 $11,950.00


This boat has every available option offered in 1996 except for pop-up cleats.

It has a custom gel coat colors that match the Mercury ProMax, with black, red, white and orange stripes with tinted glass and the custom trailer colors.

The hydraulic/electric jack plate allow you to pull a couple skiers one minute then reach high speeds the next with no prop changes.

Matching C-Hawk single axle trailer w/surge brakes, mag wheels and brand new WL tires (trailer was serviced 10-07).

The Mercury Offshore Racing power plant is a fuel and oil injected 1997 Mercury ProMax 225HP outboard with the optional Sportster gear case with low water pickup.

This baby red lines @ 6800 rpm, but I never push it that high.

It comes with a full set of gauges and audible alarms to alert the driver of engine conditions before they become a problem.

This baby will run hard and fast (around 80mph with me in it alone)!

I hate to see it go but my wife said I can't keep both, it and my new boat another season!

If you fill the 38 Gallon gas tank it will allow you to play all day on the water and still have gas to get you home on.

Try that with a big heavy often slow inboard.

BTW this boat likes to EAT inboards!

I never take this boat to the lake without a receiving a comment or two on how hot the boat and colors are.

The boat has NEVER seen salt water nor has it been stored overnight on the lake.

It gets trailered to and from every time I take it out and it comes home with me that night, no exceptions.

There are a few minor dings and such on the gel coat, and one small tear in the interior (just happened).

The bottom of the hull is perfect with absolutely no flaws (I have never