2000 Hunter 340 $62,000.00

Contact Boat Owner Christina @ 228-265-3013 or Christina.Swanson@qinetiq-na.com

Name: Legacy

This boat has been a GREAT family boat for us.

Cruising around the islands, and hopping around to cities along the coast have a been a blast, we LOVE this boat!

Forced to sell due to unforeseen circumstances, but our loss could be your gain!!

Whether you are ready to set sail for the islands or just around the buoys, the Hunter 340 can really make a difference!

Starting with the tall, fractional rig, which is a direct descendent of the B&R rig that powered "Hunter's Child" to a second place finish in the BOC, Hunter has engineered the mast to carry less weight aloft with smaller sections.

This is accomplished by utilizing swept back spreaders and reverse diagonals as well as mast support struts.

This combination provides superior strength without a backstay and increases the stability at the same time.

By using a large roach main as the power sail, Hunter has eased the effort in sail handling and allowed for real versatility for all wind and sea conditions.

Your benefit: better performance and less effort!