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1974 Marconi European Sloop

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Kira or Rupert


1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop
1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop1974 Marconi European Sloop
LATEST UPDATE 11/27/07:Hull, bottom, and topside have been re-painted and look sexier than ever!

Reasonable offers will be seriously considered! ...Built in 1974 in the Balaton Ganz Shipyard of Hungary, this lovely vessel combines function and beauty in ways usually seen only in larger yachts.: With a fully enclosed cockpit that is more like a spare room, lounging and sailing are done in maximum comfort.

You are able to run air conditioning and refrigeration off of the inverter for as long as you like with the engine running, and then approximately 8 hours a/c on battery power alone.

Food stays cold for a surprising length of time due to the 4" C.C Polyurethane insulation.

The galley is equipped with a deep well sink, new and unused propane stove, and many easily reached storage areas.

Moving forward, you have a very comfortable salon with tv/dvd, 6 speaker stereo, cushions made of foam, and as you can see by the photos, hand laid teak that is simply stunning.

All cupboards are equipped with lights inside, this is practical all the time, and provides ambience and glow in the evening.

We call it the head area only because the term "bathroom" is not very nautical!

But as you can see, there is an unusual amount of space and storage under the sink, and opposite the head.

Combine that with enough space for taking a shower without sitting on the head and you have luxury not seen in a boat this size.

Sleeping in the forepeak is a true delight, with recessed reading lights on both the port and starboard sides, and all 7 storage areas that have their own lights on the inside, more ambience.

There are two overhead hatches, for light and fresh air.

And the closed cell matresses provide a comfortable nights sleep.

We have loved this boat for many years, and while it's sad for us, we must move on.

If you need more information on her origins, we have tried via email to contact the Balaton Ganz shipyard in Hungary, but have yet to receive a response, hopefully BIN or best offer winner will have better connections in Europe.


Complete rebuild:bearings,seals,pistons rings,ect.

Engine sand blasted, zinc chromate, 545 then Awlgrip Compression release.

Manual crank start . 3/4" tru-hull to ball valve to 11/2" quart strainer(groco) 11/4" c.c. polyurethane foam with a lead liner and a mylar face sound insultion.

Transmission shaft coupler-tention release type Drive shaft housing has 2 grease nipples and a pressure plate packing system Muffler lift system.

Shelving all round engine(batteries & tools). 3" in and out ventilation duct and cowls (not installed) Morse controls.

Shut off.

FUEL: 35 gallon aluminum baffeled.

Racor 15gph strainer seperator.

Fuel tank in cradle no full contact with solid surface for corrosion, primed with zinc chromate and painted with Awlgrip COCKPIT FROM ENGINE: Oil press temp. volt rpm. 3 position Cole Hersey Start. 2 spare FRESH WATER: Regulated shore supply, not to exceed the bilge pump rating Saddle tanks appr. 25-30 gallons each.

Primed with interlux 2000 removable lid with inspection ports baffled. 3ball valves control preasure regulated 12v Shureflow pump to accumulator.

Water heater pressure release, temp control.

Seaward-6gallon marine grade 115v Pressure release,temp control Engine heated STEERING: Hydraulic(Hynautic) with original tiller as emergency.

Both at the same station. 12v wireing in place for auto pilot/ and intake and exit ports for hydraulic pilot motor.

AIR CONDITIONING: 1200 BTU self contained.

Cal pump being fed by 3/4" Perko strainer from 3/4" ballvalve.

REFRIGERATION: 4" C.C polyurethane. 2 part epoxy inside (primed and painted) Wrapped by " plywood and skinned by solid teak.

Cold plate on top of fridge.

The lid is a top-front load with gascket. 115v 1/4hp watercooled temp control.

GALLEY: Gimbaled 2-burner full range .

Deep well sink, spice racks, utensils and pocelian storage space (overhead).

Florescent light.

Propane regulated with electric safety shut off and turn on.

HEAD: Approx 8 x 4ft living space.

Electric 12v head.

Florescent light, mirrors, cabinet space and vanity .

New taps--1/4 turn ceramic cartridge.

Full head room with hatch opened.

Shower BILGE: 1500 gph 12v Rule fully auto micro sensored housed in a stainless steel strainer basket.

Plastmimo manual pump.--not installed.

ELECTRICAL: 12volt: 1x 12 volt starting battery 1x 8D house. 2 x 12 volt 8D house battery for inverter 3kw or house. 2 x 4 position battery selector switch.

All batteries wired with 1 naught tinned copper closed end lugs then heat shrunk. 150 amp Leece Neville self exiting alternator. 3 bank 150 amp isolator. 3 bank Nu Marr 60 amp battery charger. 3kw heart interface inverter. 12 volt: Electric distribution panel Volt meter /amp meter 24 DC breakers LIGHTS: 10 light fwrd: 8 in the cubby holes 2-reading 1 florescent. 1 Bathroom florescent. 1 Salon (dimmer.) . 6 cubby holes--indirect for mood lighting (salon). 1 Hanging locker. 1 Chart table with dimmer . 2 Lazarette. 4 Cockpit -1 in every locker. 1 Stern light 2 spreader lights 1500 w. each --custom. 1 chain locker-light not installed.

Anchor light.

Mast head running lights.

SUMMARY: All wires allocated throughout boat for systems not installed.

Radar, auto steering.

Any or all electric equipment in cockpit, nothing overlooked.

Plus spare wires.

All wires on terminal strips both sides, just connect. 6 speaker stereo system Tv + disc DVD Bilge pump All 12 volt wires are 10 ga tinned and crimped with heat shrink. 115 VOLT: 30 amp shore power volt and amp meters. 1 breaker for 3 receptacle 115 volt . 1 h20 heater. 1 air conditioner. 1 battery charger.

All 115 volt wires are 12 ga copper wire tinned, crimped, and heat shrunk both sides on terminal blocks.

Tv/ telephone shore line.

MAST: Head accomodates 2 antennas both have wires run already also VHF antaennae.

Folding steps all the way up. 2 winches. 12 volt wire up mast for radar ( if needed).

Spreader lights.

Custom manufactured 1500 watt spreader.

Tri color 360 degrees.

VHF on top of mast with FM cross over.

Folding steps all the way to the top RIG: Forestay roller furl lock in 6 positions 2" apart.

Backstay attached to railing with manual tensioner.

Boom equipped with a quick reef worm gear.

New side tracks.

New main track, all new cars. 2 maxwell self tailing winches FORE DECK: Windlass 2 speed. 2 cleats attached to windlass.

Manual stainless chain locker inspection port.

All through-deck fittings (stanchion posts, cleats, windlass, back railing, front railing) secured with " aluminum backing plate.

British made stainless steel cleats bolted from the bottom of the deck do not run all the way through (no holes on top) .

Holy toe rail.

Windlass backing plate 3/4" aluminum The keel is cast iron, diagonally thru bolted with 12 staggered bolts going through 4" of solid glass.

The port forward and SBD aft bolts have pad eyes on them which are able lift the boat out of the water with a crane.

The ventilation port on the deck unscrews and drops a chain through.

The boat is perfectly balanced to be lifted out of the water anywhere in the world with a crane.

Drain hole aft of the keel enables you to completely wash the boat down once she is on dry land.

All compartments on the boat have drain holes, water does not accumulate anywhere.

BELOW DECK: The keel was sandblasted, Petit steel primer, 1000, then 2000 Interlux.

Full Fin keel 5' draft.

The hull was peeled and left for 2 years to dry, and there were NO blisters.

She was then resurfaced with Cabosil milled fiber, 2-1 epoxy.

She was then finished off with 1000 and 14 coats of 2000 to make her as smooth as possible.

The seam where the keel and hull meet is corked with 5200.

HULL AND DECK: The hull goes from 4" to 1/2" where she meets the deck.

She was glassed on the inside.

I cut bullwork off to deck and then glassed hull and deck together with 2-1 epoxy and a mat.

The deck is also primed with 2000 and then 545, after that awlgrip, non-skid is skid tex and finished with awlgrip.

COCKPIT: Full enclosure around cockpit 3 tone and storage.

Pockets to put goods in.

Frame is stainless with grab rails.

Stern rail is double for grab rail, this enclosure was on the boat through 3 hurricanes, it's as strong as a tank and manufactured by a sailboat professional, not a powerboat seamstress, cost was $6000.

Painted with Awlgrip.

INTERIOR: The interior design was painstakingly done and executed through a labor of love that took countless hours.

Only the best materials were used, there is no polyester to be found anywhere.

Bulk heads are all sealed with true epoxy.

The inside of the hull is lined with cork, then painted.

Or it is covered in hand laid teak that took hundreds of hours of varnishing using Polyurethane Rodaflex.

Primed and painted surfaces are 545 and awl grip including the engine room and the bilge.

The comfort of this vessel is to be compared with no other in it's class with it's amenities such as central air, hot water, TV w/ dvd, 6 speaker stereo, refrigeration, propane stove, closed cell mattresses and salon cushions.

The execution of systems and their method of manufacturing is all specialized to conserve energy.

Even the dimmer lights use less power if you dim the lights ( non reo-stat).

Food in the refrigerator will stay good for up to 3 days depending on how full she is.

For long trips you can freeze everything and it will last longer than you can imagine.

I have lived on her for 5 years, she is now ready for another master.

I've moved on to a larger boat and must move on.

But of course she needs work to bring her to a cherry condition.

I do not have the time, she must find a new lover.

But if you wish, for a fee I can finish her up and deliver her to you in cherry condition.

She needs new running rigging, new sails and nav. equipment.

The reason I did not put any on previously is because I wanted to wait until I was ready to sail her, rather than drill holes prematurely.

I figure it would take me 30 days to do the necessary work.

You will then have a turn key operation that will not only stagger you, this sexy elegant lady will have no need to leave her slipper at the ball.

Basic Information
More Details
Engine:Yanmar 3gm
Engine Count:Single
Engine Hours:low
Hull Material:Glass
Beam:9' 6"
Draft:5' 6"

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