2003 Adirondack Guideboat $6,750.00

Call Boat Owner Gunnar 603-667-0930
Guideboat 18 Double
This Guideboat 18 has completed many miles for charity which you can read all about at http://rowing.thorntongore.com.

This Guideboat 18 has had some repair work (please call or email for pictures) but otherwise is in good condition.

The guideboat comes with a number of extras including:

Plexiglas window in bottom of the hull
2. 2 Piantedosi Row wings with 1 spare strut unused
3. 2 Pairs Braca-Sport carbon fiber racing sculls with hatchet blades
4. 2 padded oar bags

Stern mirror
6. 2 Seat pads
7. 4