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1991 Porta Product Original #01

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South Of The Mouth


1991 Porta Product Original #011991 Porta Product Original #011991 Porta Product Original #011991 Porta Product Original #011991 Porta Product Original #01
South of the Mouth Cafe Corporation has operated at marker 35, in the Intracoastal Waterway, just south of the mouth of Ponce Inlet since 1991, serving hot dogs, meatball subs, and chicken sandwiches to passing boaters on the weekends from March-September.

The owner has published a book of stories about the making of this idea and the nature of the people that brought it to life.

The "Stories off the Menu @ South Of The Mouth Cafe" were published by Denlingers Books and is available at

You are welcomed to a sample of this businesses spirit and are invited to read the first chapter online.

The spirit of this business is what has made and kept it successful for this many years while others have come and gone.

The owner is interested in expanding that spirit and giving an opportunity for someone with the same adventurous spirit to own a rewarding unique business.

If there was a nickle for every photo that has been taken of this unique boat on the weekends of operations, the owner would be rich.

The vessel design is an attention getter in and out of the water and has been a popular destination to many river travelers.

The vessel is a barge design made to serve as a galley.

It is made of wood coated inside and out with fiberglass and jelcoat.

The under deck has a 4" floation foam that was poured between the 2"x 4" sections to protect the vessel from ever sinking for any reason and to add for additional weight support for carrying extra supplies.

The bow hull is reinforced with 1/2"-3/4" fiberglass for extra strenghth and for running onto a beach, shoreline or over an oyster bed.

The boat hull design was built by Porta Products of Edgewater.

It was built to be a versatile boat.

If it didn't go well as a food service vessel it would make an excellant commercial fishing boat.

The pole holders are in positions to be used as a pully system for wing nets during the high shrimping season.

Or the boat could be used as a camper or portable living facility since it is fully powered by LP gas.

It could also be used as a "bumb boat" to service potable water and gray water to the mooring vessels in the keys or on the South Florida Coast.

The vessel can be sold without the galley appliances and equipment for food service for $12,000 and can be outfitted by the new owner.

All gas lines will go with that sale and some boating safty equipment.

No exterior fenders will be included.

The $12,000 sale price will include a 2003 50 horsepower outboard engine, and the custom built trailer.

Or you could choose to get into this game and own the vessel to start your own little business on the side and choose our plan B.

The vessel can also be sold as a full galley service vessel without any of the corporate trademarks and signage for $23,000.

This price includes the boat, 2003 50 hp motor, and custom fitted trailer and all food service appliances and riggings.

Then name your business what ever you like.

This outfitted vessel will pass any state or county health department inspections.

The licensing will be on your own to obtain.

However, there is also plan C.

If the buyer of this vessel wants to carry the "South of the Mouth Cafe Corporation" logo and trademark of the corporation and have access to all corporate franchise rights the final price is $25,000.

That is everything from the top to bottom and end to end.

Bring your cash box and lets get started.

All service records, am/fm stereo cd, 2 anchors, portable compass, portable head, portable shower, eleven fender system, all bow and aft lines with spring tie system, overhead lighting, kitchen equipment, overhead merchandising system, 5 life jackets, under storage dry box, duel axle trailer, 5 batteries, sliding glass lockable windows and doors and a state registered title.

This is a Commercial/Floating Galley/Camper.

South of the Mouth Cafe has always charmed the boating customers with enchanting stories of the people that have passed the fenders and spent their money to eat a great meal.

It is time to expand the concept and the adventure.

The owner of this operation would like to find that one person that wants to continue the same unique service to the boaters and enjoy the atmosphere of the intracoastal waterway.

It will take endurance and you must be consistant for you boat customers to know they can count on your being there for them.

They will bring you more joy and laughs every time they bring their friends.

If you want to make yourself some money and at the same time have a nice day and make some life long friendships then South of the Mouth Cafe is the place for you and your family.

It doesn't get any better than this for a way to make a living.

Every sale you make is worth a 50% Gross Margin and the volume increases every year you are there for the boaters.

People will stop bringing coolers of food if they know they can count on you.

They will bring you more business from the word of mouth if they know you are always there.

People will know you all over town as "that person that sells food on the water", they'll express. "We stopped to visit you and my kids liked the ice cream and the toy that came with their meal from that boat lady." This vessel is a one of a kind design because it needed to be strong and solid enough to hold vessels three times it's size.

The anchor is a 65 danforth with 23' of one inch chain.

With enough scope on the anchor this vessel can hold two 35' sailboats and a 17' power boat too.

The steering is a side mount but is very easy to get used to.

The steering is designed to allow the captain to stand on the front deck to drive or go inside the door to allow clear passage.

Useful if you have a fish to catch or an anchor to set.

It is a useful vessel for the right person Call with serious inquire or email us....after you read the first chapter from "Stories Off The Menu" if you want something for the water that isn't a hole but a business other people put money into.

Basic Information
More Details
Engine:Johnson 2003
Engine Count:Single
Engine Hours:low
Hull Material:Wood
Draft: 5"

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